Once you have tasted smoked meat dishes, it is really hard to return to an oven-cooked main course.

If outdoor cooking is your thing then smoking is for you …

That smoky richness in flavour, plus the moist, tender condition of the meat is hard to beat. As an added plus, smoking the main dish leaves the oven free to cook the rest of the meal.

During the low-and-slow smoking process, the fat in meat and the connective tissues (collagen) will slowly break down, turning into sugars which sweeten the meat and keep it moist during smoking. This will improve the meat and it becomes more tender, flavourful and delicious to eat.

We recommend the following meats to smoke

Brisket, Beef Short Rib, Chicken Thighs, Pork Butt, Lamb Shoulder, Spatchcock Chicken, Chuck Roast, Chicken Breast and Pork Belly